Sex Tape is here, just in time for Valentine's Day.  Give it a listen and put it to use.  

10 mins foreplay
9 mins intercourse
3 mins for reflection
Repeat for tantric

Inspired by the Lovehoney study, which surveyed over 4,000 people in an effort to find the average duration of sex, Caleb teamed up with LA producer Doxa to create a mathematically perfect 22 minute sex tape.  They first analyzed 100 classic bedroom jams, calculating that the tempo "G-spot" was somewhere between 58 and 74 beats per minute. They then followed an algorithm to create a tempo map which gradually increases up to the climax, which is where they quickly bring it back down for cuddling with a version of their favorite Shania Twain love ballad.

We hope this gets put to good use in the weeks leading up to Hallmark’s favorite holiday, and would love your help in getting this sex tape out and into the many bedrooms of the world.  

Track Listing
You Sexy Thing
Sex Song
You Can Leave Your Hat On
You’re Still the One

Hear it Live!

@ Baby's All Right in Brooklyn this Valentine's Day!